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My inspector, bespectacled Kirill, our chess star, was sitting on the edge of the table and was examining with interest the accessories that the client was hung with: several large medallions on heavy chains, black leather wristlets on each hand and a dozen more laces on neck and wrists

- Great!fourteenthe man exclaimed, pointing his outstretched fingers in my direction.

He must have been very happy with me.

– Good Eveningfifteen, - I missed the American enthusiasm past my ears, deftly pulled it out of the

data box-shoe all six decks and announced a shuffle of cards: - Shuffle.

“No problems,” the hip-hoper didn’t mind, looking at me with no less interest,

than chess player Kirill him.

I dumped the cards on the table, regretting that our retro place didn't even have a shuffle machine.16. About two years ago, our bosses seemed to have decided to buy them to the joy of the croupier, after all, all decent gambling establishments have long acquired such accessories.


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